The Open is here and CrossFit boxes all over the world have athletes who are competing in the online competition to see who will go to Regionals, and ultimately to The Games. Some are participating to prove they’re the best, some are participating to see how they rank amongst others across the world, and some are participating for a sense of accomplishment to see how far they’ve come and just to say that they did it.



On Saturdays during The Open, CFMB has been getting together to do the workout that was announced on the Thursday before. All you have to do is walk into the box to feel the energy. Everyone is supporting one another, cheering, and encouraging each other on. With all the hype and added energy, it’s no surprise that massive PRs are being made. Congratulations to all of the athletes who are participating this year. And even if you’re not participating in The Open, we still encourage you to try the workouts.


As a way to increase the energy even more and promote community, we have created an inner box challenge with The Open by creating four teams. Athletes that are signed up for The Open are placed on a team and each team has a captain. The teams get certain points for participating in the judges course, completing workouts, promoting team spirit, etc. This has been a really fun way to take The Open to the next level by getting everyone to participate even more than they normally would.


One of our box members has only been doing CrossFIt for about five months now and has decided to dive head first into participating in The Open! He has been putting in solid work and consistently been showing up, even when he was injured. We are loving his dedication and progress so far, which is why he is CFMB’s athlete of the month. Please join us in congratulating Justin Sigona!

Meet Justin: 

What made you join CFMB? I joined CrossFit because I have pretty bad back problems that most doctors haven’t been able to help and it’s interfered with me enjoying life with my two kids. A friend suggested it it.

Why are you doing The Open and what do you love about it? I’m doing the open mainly for myself. I recently found out I’m having another baby and don’t want to be the lazy, fat dad that can’t ever run around with his kids. So far what I like about the open is the inclusion that everybody has on the team with Michelle. It’s also a form of escape from the crazy day to day stuff.

What do you love about CFMB? I love that CFMB has coaches that you can actually talk to and even when u don’t ask for help or advice they are right there giving it to you anyways. It’s a great feeling to have people from all skill levels working together and being able to communicate with each other. On a daily basis I am the hype guy, counselor, teacher, coach, mentor, boss of my business and it gets hard being the one that has to always help everyone else with their problems and I hype them up so they can have a successful day. Here at CFMB, I get to be hyped up and it’s a great feeling to have someone rooting for you in an environment that you’re not your greatest in.

What are your fitness goals? My goal is to lose weight and get my endurance up. This time next year I want to be in better shape and kill the open.

You are well on your way sir. We are so proud of you and how far you’ve come in just a short amount of time and can’t wait to see where you are in your journey this time next year! We’ll be right along side you rooting you on!

While it’s too late to officially participate in The Open, you can still do the remaining workouts when they’re posted on Thursday evenings. If you’re not participating, we would encourage you to still do the workouts anyway, as well as, go back and do the first two workouts that were posted. Everything can be scaled and it’s a great way to see where you are, even if you’re not officially submitting scores. Also, if you can make it to the box over the next three Saturdays, please do so. Whether you’re there to compete or there to cheer on other athletes, the atmosphere and environment are exhilarating and something special to experience. Plus, there are a handful of athletes who literally breathe, eat, sleep, and sweat CrossFit (ahem…you know who you are) and are giving every ounce of life they have into The Open. They would love it if you came to cheer and support them on as they fight their way to the top of the leaderboard for our Southeast Region, because as always, we roll deep.