WORKOUTCrossFit benefits everyone from the couch potato to the elite athlete. We believe fitness means being able to perform well in different movements and different time intervals. CrossFit athletes can perform well in a variety of different events. Our programming delivers clear results which are measurable and comparable. We burn fat like crazy and create the world’s best athletes with a scientifically-backed, evidence-based approach to fitness. CrossFit is designed around the following concepts:

  • Constantly Varied: Routine is the enemy and neglects key development areas. Wonder why you spend hours in a traditional gym with no results? Your body gets really good at doing one routine at the expense of becoming a well-rounded athlete.
  • Functional Movements: We mix together functional full-body exercises that mimic you lifting things off the ground, sitting and standing, pulling and pushing in the real world. In the gym, this means movements like cleans, jerks, snatches, squats, pullups, deadlifts, muscle ups, rowing and running, because your body is made for them.
  • Done at High Intensity: Our workouts rarely last longer than 20 minutes because, based on firm scientific research, high intensity training burns more fat and develops strength and conditioning better than traditional training programs.

Steve Schuessler:

I was introduced to CrossFit four years ago while I was competing in the Firefighter Combat Challenge. I competed for 9 years before this. I struggled with my times on the course until I met the World Champion, Brandon Cunningham and he introduced me to my first workout, Fran. As I laid on the floor quivering I knew this was going to be something to improve my performance. I did the workouts for about 9 months before I started the next FF Combat Challenge season. I shaved 22 seconds off my best time and became the state champion that year for the over 40 bracket.

I took these short, explosive workouts back to my full time job as a Lieutenant in the fire department and trained other firefighters using what I was learning. It was perfect to prepare us for what we do on calls. I did this for about a year before I obtained my level 1 certification. I taught at CrossFit Myrtle Beach for about a year until the opportunity to take over as owner arose.

I feel that the short but intense workouts are perfect for anyone. I enjoy passing the feelings and the results I get when I do these workouts to everyone that comes through the doors at CrossFit Myrtle Beach.