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    Athlete Phase Training

    How fit am I? What am I fit for? Am I fit enough, and how can I test my fitness? Am I weak in areas I might not be aware of? Unnoticed weaknesses can spread to a halt in progression and unforeseen injuries.

    Test yourself in all areas of fitness by using a set of standards that involves many components of physical fitness. We’ve developed the Athletic Skill Levels as a versatile and user-friendly tool to help you evolve in your health and fitness.

    What do people say about us?

    • Excellent community aspect and friendly members. Didn’t make it a minute in the gym without someone coming in to greet us. Plenty of space and equipment for Open Gym and classes. Tadd and Steve are running a great ship, check them out!

      Rachel LaPorte
    • Great atmosphere and the regular clients were very welcoming. Megan is a great instructor. First drop in class in 10 years of CrossFit. MB CrossFit is highly recommended.

      George Wiederkehr
    • I dropped in to do open wod 22.2 Saturday March 5th. Tadd was more than accommodating and helpful. He’s got a great gym and many of his members made me feel right at home.

      Matt Kicklighter
    • Tadd Rubin has a solid knowledge of the sport of CrossFit and his gym is top notch! Everyone at the gym was welcoming and we’re having a blast working out! I highly recommend this gym! I look forward to working out with them again!

      Chad Rooney
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    Call us: 843-251-4817

    3241 Waccamaw Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579