I’ve always played some sort of sport throughout my life. It was just always something I was interested in. After high school entering college I got involved with intramural sports to feed my appetite for competition. I ran a few miles a week for cardio and did the old standard Globo Gym “curls for the girls” routine. In 2007 I became a Firefighter for the City of Myrtle Beach and discovered the Firefighter Combat Challenge, hailed as “The toughest 2 minutes in sports!” While training and looking for a competitive advantage I was approached by my partner and good friend Tadd Rubin. He says, “Dude you gotta watch this video of this thing called CrossFit”.

I continued doing CrossFit on my own before going to an actual class and haven’t looked back. Watching the sport of CrossFit, “The Sport of Fitness” grow so much and seeing how much it is changing people’s lives from people without any athletic background to professional athletes inspired me to get my CrossFit Level 1 Certification and my CrossFit Strongman Certification. I want to share my love of fitness with anyone who will listen and show them how it benefits us for a better quality of life. I look forward to staying active in CrossFit and continually learning and progressing. Do Work!!