I have been involved in CrossFit for approximately 8 years now. I was am a L-2 coach for approx 1 year. Peer Fitness trainer for the Myrtle Beach Fire Department., I am part of the Myrtle Beach Fire Department Fitness committee I was introduced to CrossFit while competing and the firefighter combat challenge. I started doing CrossFit for a few reasons. 1. It changed the way I worked out and how I have worked out my whole life. 2. I love the fact that it was a quick and intense workout. I was working two jobs and chasing after my two boys so I didn’t have the luxury of working out in the gym for an hour and a half two hours.

Why I enjoy CrossFit is I love seeing the change in the people that I coach. I love seeing the smiles and the excitement when they find out they’re able to do something they never thought they could. I love the challenge of meeting someone and being able to help convince them that they are able to do Crossfit and they are able to make the changes in their life to make them feel better about themselves inside and out.