Originally from Florida, I was born 1976. I’ve always enjoyed sports of any sort. Sports like BMX, skateboarding, surfing and CrossFit have helped me become the athlete I am today. I started working for Myrtle Beach Fire Department in 2003 and became involved in The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge. My good friend and business partner Dwayne Harris and I traveled all over the U.S. qualifying for World Championships from 2004 to 2013. Early stages of competing lead me to find ways to train and push myself to levels that were in demand for a greater respiratory function combined with strength, endurance and calmness in mental anguish. I discovered CrossFit in 2009 with Dwayne and haven’t looked back. CrossFit has enabled me to compete with some of the top athletes in the world by combining training methods with various sports to overcome obstacles that in the past seemed to difficult.

I have always challenged myself, in everything I do. If it’s not difficult, it’s not worth it. I enjoy the struggle, the commitment, and the reward. I enjoy doing what others say can’t be done. Every little obstacle that is overcome makes me feel closer to being alive. I want to motivate and inspire people to believe they are capable of more from themselves. I do it for my family, my friends, my job and myself. Embrace the struggle and never stop.