Our Culture

We are not about repetitions without efficiency, and we do not approach our clients with preconceived ideas of their development because every individual is different and their needs are different.

“If you wish to be great, if you wish to rise, begin by being. If you plan on building a tower that will pierce the clouds, think first about the foundations of humility. The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation.”

– St. Augustine

Our vision

At CrossFit Myrtle Beach, our vision is to be the safest and most effective Crossfit Box in Myrtle Beach by providing a higher degree of teaching, coaching, and mentoring through semi-private settings instead of a crowded gym environment.

Our mission

The key elements to achieving our vision are Professional Training, Community Atmosphere and Leading by Example.

Professional training

We will provide quality training in semi-private groups of a maximum of 10 clients per instructor. We will treat our clients like individuals in order to maximize their personal development. Regardless of skill level, we are honored to have the opportunity to be of service in developing your personal training plan.

Community atmosphere

Our sense of community will be about generosity, respect, passion, motivation and integrity. We will live these values both in the gym and in our community by sharing with others without reservation, and always striving to be a good citizen. We will not be about gloss or glamour, but instead will focus on hard work and honest sweat.

Leading by example

Our coaches will only train what they do themselves. Our coaches will only be dedicated CrossFit athletes. Our coaches will be focused on helping our clients find their “inner athlete”, and then develop it to the level the client desires.